Welcome to At Home with Abby! At Home with Abby offers idea's for Daycare Providers which are developmentally nurturing and educationally fun environment for all ages. We offer fun activities like:

* Arts and crafts
* Educationally based games
* Physical activities
* Puzzles
* Music
* Alphabet development
* Pre-reading activities
* Early reader books
* Pattern development activities
* Number and Counting development
* And much more!

We look forward to helping answer both provider and parent questions to help you navigate the fun world of home childcare. From activities, to business how-to's, to parent advise we hope to be a source of fun and information! Feel Free to email us any of your questions and check back to see what is new!



I recently enrolled my 2 boy's with At Home with Abby in March of 2010. I had previously been using another at home care provider and just felt it was time for a change. I tend to be a worrier, and was constantly feeling un-easy when I had to leave my boys, so I thought I'd search around for other options.
I met with Abby in her home prior to enrolling my children, and almost instantly I felt comfortable. Her home is warm and child friendly with many activity opportunities for children of various ages. While meeting with her both my boy's seemed comfortable with the environment and after we left my 5 year old even asked when and if we were going back!!
I have nothing but good things to say about At home with Abby. I have since recommended her to several of my friends who have children and need childcare. My boy's come home happy and I can leave them feeling comfortable and confident that they are going to have a great day. I really feel that Abby dedicates herself to each and every child's needs. She has been great with my older son who is preparing to start kindergarten this fall. Abby regularly works with him on things that he will need to be proficient with, and he loves it. He comes home and just goes on and on about the things he learned! And I can really see a difference when I work with him.
Switching my boy's to At Home with Abby was one of the best decisions for our family!

Jen 7/9/2010

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Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“We have been extremely pleased with At Home With Abby from the start. She is knowledgeable about child development and provides creative enrichment appropriate for each child's age and stage of development. Abby has proven to be trustworthy and reliable, and has demonstrated that she truly cares for and develops a bond with each child in her care. Abby provides detailed policies and is organized in procedures in the contract given at the beginning of service which I was impressed with. My son is all smiles when he realizes we have arrived at Abby's in the morning and is in great mood when we pick him up. It is invaluable to have a partner in Abby entrusted to care for our little guy when we can't be there for him.”
May 19, 2011

Kristin Carey

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“I highly recommend At Home With Abby. She takes such good care of my daughter and she has such a positive influence on my daughter with teaching good manners, learning, and creativity my daughter can't wait to go everyday. She is worth every penny I would not take my daughter anywhere else.”
October 19, 2011

Michelle Burt (client)

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